Desert Rose

Desert Rose Soap
natural handmade soap rose kaolin clay

Small Batch

Galaxy Berry

Galaxy Berry Soap
handmade body soap purple kaolin clay

Zero Waste

Electric Rain

Electric Rain Soap
artisan soap homemade activated charcoal



Modest Box
homemade natural soap

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Benefits of Oil

Benefits of Oil

We love oils for the skin loving properties and nourishing benefits. Below is a list of oils used in different varieties to create that special bar of soap. Only natural, ethically sourced, skin loving ingredients. Carefully selected oils high in vitamins, fatty acids, and antioxidants.Base OilsPure Olive Oil - A light green oil produced from the olives of trees typically found in the Mediter…
Natural Artisan Soap

Natural Artisan Soap

What's natural artisan soap? A bar that is made by hand with natural ingredients. A bar of soap should be healthy and enjoyable to use. That’s the primary focus of all soap created by Modest Wildflower. Founded by a health conscious, nature enthusiast. Modest Wildflower was born from a lifelong obsession with finding alternatives for cleaner personal care products that are safe and ethically sourc…