Inspired by nature. Simple is best.

Founded by a health conscious, nature enthusiast. Modest Wildflower was born from a lifelong obsession with finding alternatives for cleaner personal care products that are safe and ethically sourced.

Small Batch

We are artisans, and that means great attention to detail while creating with two hands. We make our products in small batches in Florida. This process enables us to create fresh, high-quality products with a little human love behind each piece. Detail matters and perfection takes time.

Zero Waste

We package and deliver with the environment at the forefront. Contributing to a world that already has too much waste and plastic pollution is against our standards. That’s why we’ve partnered with Ecoenclose for all packaging needs. From the box and filler to the shipping label, everything you receive is recyclable, reusable, or repurposed. We also take it a step further by promising plastic will never exist in our packaging. Each product is hand wrapped in cotton and recyclable paper. Lowering the waste impact, one bar at a time.


There are zero animals in our products and we test nothing on animals. Ever. As an environmentally conscious brand, we use ingredients that are ethically sourced, containing zero chemicals or synthetic dyes. Ingredients we stand behind are natural kaolin clays, organic plants, activated charcoal, and cold-processed, non-GMO, certified organic oils. Nature has a lot to offer and the benefits are worthy of exploring.